Appreciated Stocks

If you are thinking about making a donation to ACMNP, consider making a gift of appreciated stock or mutual fund shares rather than a cash donation. A gift of appreciated property often provides increased tax benefits, along with the satisfaction of making a difference by contributing to ACMNP.

How donating appreciated stock works

  • You transfer securities to ACMNP.
  • ACMNP sells your securities and uses the proceeds for its programs.

Benefits of appreciated stock

Contributions of appreciated securities provide two potential income-tax advantages:

  1. Charitable deduction — generally for the fair market value of the securities at the time of the contribution.
  2. No tax on the capital gain that would result if you sold the property.

Donating stock is easy. Increase your tax saving and support ACMNP now! Simply complete our Stock Gift Form.

Please email slundgaard@acmnp.com, or call us at (303) 220-2808 or toll-free at (800) 786-3450 for assistance.

"Because it had such a tremendous impact in preparing me for parish ministry!"
– Kenneth, alumnus 1960's

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