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Ministry with ACMNP will be harder than you think...but, it will be better than you can imagine!

 A Word from the Director of Program & Leadership

"Your training for ministry in a national park has already started!  Count on God being at work as you explore the exciting ministry options through this website.  Perhaps your imagination has been inspired through discussions with our recruiters, the national office staff or one of our 14,000+ alumni.  I am sure you will pray for insight and guidance from God.  Do not underestimate the value of the personal experiences, education, and insights you bring to the park.  Is it possible that you have been training for this opportunity all of your life?  Of course, you realize that you have more to learn!  Ministry in a national park is challenging and will highlight your strengths and expose opportunities for growth.  Ministry with ACMNP will be harder than you think...but, it will be better than you can imagine!  All Christian leaders need this kind of challenge as God enhances their leadership capacity."

2015 One Training Conference at Rocky Mountain National Park - photo by Rev. John Schmidt

Pre-Conference Training and Preparation

Immediately after you "Accept the Call"... 
  • You will be provided on-line access to a secure website that will provide preliminary training materials and contact information for your Ministry Team Members and Ministry Support Committee.
  • You will receive regular e-mail communication from the ACMNP National Office.
  • Do not underestimate the value of your calling to one of the most unique and life-changing short-term ministries in the United States. We assume that you will remain committed to serving God in the parks once you accept the call to serve. Do not accept this call if you are pursuing other summer options! Applicants who fail to fulfill their commitments negatively impact our relationships with park concessionaires and jeopardize ACMNP's presence in that park!
  • God is sending you to serve with ACMNP, but it's your responsibility to be faithful to the call!

National Training Conference - April 26-28, 2019

Every Ministry Team Member is expected to participate in an ACMNP training conference. Our primary conference, the National Training Conference, is held at Rocky Mountain National Park YMCA Conference Center near Estes Park, Colorado. To learn more about what this weekend will entail, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further information. You will be responsible for finding your flight to the Denver airport.

Alternate Training Conference - May 10-12, 2019 (Tentative)

While we highly encourage our team members to attend our primary conference where they will meet their team and potentially some of their Ministry Support Committee (MSC), we have added an alternate training option for team members to attend in Indianapolis. This alternate conference has a limited number of spots, and will be much smaller in size, meaning it will be less likely to meet others on your team before you get to the park. To learn more about what this weekend will entail, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with further information. You will be responsible for finding your flight to the Indianapolis airport.

Advanced Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

Are you interested in our extensive leadership assessment and training program?  Email Dave at for more information.

Ministry Support While in the Parks

Ministry Teams

When you participate in the National Training Conference, you will make 200 new friends who will also serve as Ministry Team Members at other national parks throughout the country. You will, of course, have your own team with you at your park location, and other teams will be nearby!

Ministry Support Committees (MSC)

Your Ministry Support Committee, or MSC, is a group of people that lives in or near the parks seasonally or year-round. These men and women act as your local grassroots support group providing supervision, care, and encouragement to ministry teams throughout the season. Click here for more information on the activities of a Ministry Support Committee.

Resident Ministers and Park Directors

Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon South Rim have a Resident Minister who are permanent residents near the national park. They lead the local MSC and direct the activities of the Ministry Team(s) in those national parks.

Park Directors are seasonal leaders appointed in Mt. Rainier, Olympic, Glacier, and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

Park Specific Training

You will receive important information about your park during the National Leadership Conference. Several park ministry leadership groups offer additional training in order to cover issues that are specific to their particular national park. Your Ministry Support Committee, Resident Minister, or Park Director will contact you to let you know about this training and fellowship opportunity.

Prayer Partners

Upon park arrival, Ministry Team Members are paired with National Board Members and other supportive individuals who commit to praying and communicating with them throughout the summer.

National Office Support

A representative from the national office will visit your park location during the season to check in with you, meet with your team, and provide helpful feedback. National office staff members are only a phone call or quick email away, click here for contact information.

Human Resources

Each park concessionaire has a local Human Resources department that is responsible for work-related issues. Pre-season logistics, housing, time-off requests, employment complaints, and other special needs are handled by your HR manager once you have been offered employment. Once you are hired, these individuals are responsible for your employment-related concerns. If these concerns need to be related to the national office, please contact Amy.

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"This experience deepened my assurance of calling to the ministry and sharpened the skills I will need for congregational leadership."
– Kam, Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond 2011

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