Morgan Green

Yellowstone (Lake)

Hi! My name is Morgan, and I am from the beautiful state of Washington. I study Speech Communication at Liberty University and will begin my senior year in the fall. I enjoy every possible outdoor activity, running, soccer, trying new sports, peanut butter, road trips, coffee and the city of Seattle. My heart beats harder for the hurting, homeless and hopeless. And my passion is direct the despairing to the Living Hope that never dies. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in Yellowstone with you as I know God has some amazing things in store. I hope you take part in my journey by reading and partnering in prayer with me for the people we will come across in this world who are still searching for a relationship with their Divine Creator and Savior.

Friends in Yellowstone

August 2, 2014 | Morgan Green    

It is so encouraging to meet those who are excited for the worship services we lead and who share the commonality of knowing and abiding in Christ.
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Consider the lilies...

June 24, 2014 | Morgan Green    

This land is rich.
There are majestic mountains, curious animals, and exotic thermal features. It seems every few miles of YNP models its own landscape.
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Summer of my Dreams

May 30, 2014 | Morgan Green    

The night of my arrival in Yellowstone National Park I was reading an article by a pastor I respect very much. He was talking about this burning feeling he would often experience when he walked into a bookstore which he eventually realized was God’s voice calling him to write books.
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As One Body...In Christ

April 30, 2014 | Morgan Green    

There is nothing that shouts excitement like hundreds of Christians gathered together all anticipating their adventure of a lifetime to begin in a matter of weeks.
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"Leading worship services at the Grand Canyon provided me with an opportunity to preach within a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles."
– Steve, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 2003

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