Seminary Leadership

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks is one of the BEST ways to apply your theological education to practical life ministry while growing in pastoral and worship leadership skills!


  • Mature followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Can affirm the principles of the Apostle’s Creed, a common statement of faith.
  • Full-time enrolled, current, or graduating Masters-level students in a seminary or divinity school program.
  • Desire to grow as a leader and experience a challenging ministry adventure.
  • Willingness to lead a team and help develop the leadership and servant capacities in team members.
  • Ability and willingness to partner with people from different Christian backgrounds.
  • Ability and willingness to interact relationally with co-workers and park visitors of different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures.
  • Summer availability of at least 90 days, through August 20th or later (as close to Labor Day as possible).
  • High level of commitment to ministry and calling.
  • Possess a teachable spirit and a great attitude!
  • Desire to be flexible, spontaneous, and adventurous!

Why You Should Apply!

  • Spiritual growth opportunities
  • Respond to God's call to offer ministry in the inspiring setting of a national park
  • Discover and develop your leadership skills and capabilities
  • Explore ministry opportunities in the unique culture of a national park
  • Lead a Ministry Team
  • Earn a $1,500 scholarship ($2,500 for returning seminarians)
  • Earn Field Education credit through your seminary
  • Work and live in a national park
  • Experience the National Training Conference
  • OUTSTANDING ministry preparation! Our alumni serve as military chaplains, church planters, business leaders, pastors, seminary instructors, homemakers, teachers, and so many more! A ministry experience through ACMNP offers powerful preparation for every vocation!

Ministry Team Leader Responsibilities

  • Initiate and coordinate weekly team meetings
  • Develop and maintain healthy and positive relationships with all team members
  • Establish rapport with and liaison between the Ministry Support Committee, local concessionaires, National Park Service, and the ACMNP National Office
  • Participate in all components of worship services: 
    • Preaching
    • Music
    • Prayers
    • Offering
    • Readings
  • Initiate and organize all park-approved advertising and publicity of ministry activities
  • Encourage connections with international workers and other employees
  • Submit offering gifts, contributions record, and guestbook sheets to the National Office bimonthly
  • Offer pastoral care as needed, including crisis intervention or leading memorial services


If required for seminary credit, students will be paired with an approved, ordained mentor prior to their park arrival. Students and mentors will meet as needed to explore the student’s personal, developmental, and educational goals. Please verify on the ACMNP website that the park locations you list as preferences can provide a mentor. 

Skills You Will Learn and Develop

  • Missional leadership development
  • Discipleship training
  • Team building
  • Relational ministry
  • Worship leadership
  • Preaching
  • Church planting skills
  • Pastoral listening, guidance, and counseling
  • Apologetics
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Conflict resolution and crisis intervention
  • Church administration and financial accountability
  • Appreciation for creation care issues and environmental theology

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"I had Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, and Christian friends from France, Germany, Slovakia, Egypt, Jordan, Jamaica, China, Japan, and several other countries. Getting to know them was a great way to broaden my perspective and challenge my worldview. "
– Adam, Calvin Theological Seminary 2010

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