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We’re so glad that your son or daughter is considering participating with A Christian Ministry in the National Parks! We’re convinced this program is one of the best ways for college and seminary students to prepare for the ‘real world’ while making a positive difference. Time and time again, we hear young people say that serving with ACMNP helped them become more competent and globally-minded leaders, practice job skills, develop integrity, care for the environment, and grow in their faith in a way that nothing else has.

We value your role as a parent and recognize that your concerns are an important factor in your son or daughter’s decision to serve.

Should you have more questions not answered here, we encourage you to express them to your son or daughter and empower him/her to contact us at (303) 220-2808 or toll-free (800) 786-3450.

"The opportunity to minister to persons that I would never encounter in my circle at home was rich."
– Sharon, Perkins School of Theology 2002

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