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May 31, 2013 | Austin Price & Mindy Spyker

This is a blog written by two to be read by many. We want to introduce ourselves to you, and we thought we’d tell you why we accepted the near impossible task of documenting, processing, and ultimately sharing our summer as ACMNP volunteers in this way.

This summer we will be living and working in Glacier National Park. Even now we recognize our tiny role within the whole of the ACMNP presence within Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park and all across the nation. We are parts of the whole – just examples of the good works we trust God will establish in and through us all this summer.

Before we each write on our individual experiences in the park, we want to introduce ourselves together. The first thing you need to know is that there are two of us here: Austin Price and Mindy Spyker. We are two individuals with two hearts and two minds, two sets of ears and two sets of eyes. We feel and hear and see things differently according to the movement of the Spirit within us and the responses of our flesh that our LORD has given to us. We are excited about sharing parallel experiences and perpendicular thoughts in the same place.  

Admittedly, we carry the contagious characteristics of unconventional vagabonds. Between the two of us, we’ve lived in four states and three countries in the last two years and have covered tens of thousands of miles in our cars (we’re counting). We both like to write; we’re the kind of people who keep a blank journal in his back pocket and a spare thesaurus in the backseat of her car. We tend to believe our dreams and imaginations are limitless. In this way, we know we’re too ambitious for this life. But these dreams we dream and realities we chase are founded on the fervor of knowing we have lives worth living.

Ultimately, we are God’s children: delighted in the gifts of time and ability He has given us with which to work and play and change and do. We are awed by the splendor of His power, and wrought with the Love He has sacrificed for us.  

We’re drawn to beauty because He is beautiful. We’re drawn to love because He loves.  

We are drawn to serve with this ministry this summer because it allows us to pursue the love of God in the beauty of His creation. The mission of ACMNP is the ministry of Jesus Christ: to worship the Father, to witness the gospel, and to develop Christian leadership. We look forward with great anticipation – just over a week now before flying West – to joining hundreds of volunteers and thousands of prayer partners in this glorious task the Father has set before us.

We can’t wait to get there, and we look forward to sharing with you whatever we find.

Because He is good, we know this season also will be good.

Austin Price & Mindy Spyker

"It was especially neat to begin developing an eye for analogies and concrete images in creation, tying observations in with our relationship with God and seeing that there are, in effect, ...parables' all around us of God's care and the gospel."
– Jonathan, Calvin Theological Seminary 2011

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