The Time to Leave is Here!

May 30, 2013 | Sarah Martin

My friend Lauren and I get the amazing privilege of volunteering with ACMNP at Custer State Park this summer, and the time to leave is actually here! All the talk about going, all the packing (that I just started yesterday), all the preparation and the freak-out’s, they were all constant reminders that leaving for the summer was coming up just around the corner. Regardless of the reminders, nothing hit me like waking up today and knowing that I leave tomorrow.

While it’s hard not to have expectations for the summer, I am trying my absolute best to walk into this opportunity with none. Expectations, in my experience, often leave me trying to control situations, which in turn keep God pretty limited in my life. The only thing I am expecting is for God to show up. I can expect that and wait in faith because He is good, beyond good, and faithful. While I’m anxious, I am trusting. The Lord has big plans for Sylvan Lake this summer and I can’t wait to experience it!

"I had Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, and Christian friends from France, Germany, Slovakia, Egypt, Jordan, Jamaica, China, Japan, and several other countries. Getting to know them was a great way to broaden my perspective and challenge my worldview. "
– Adam, Calvin Theological Seminary 2010

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