The Source of Power

May 20, 2013 | Tobyn Bower

“Where does power come from?”, Eisenheim asked. New Line Cinemas released a film several years ago called “The Illusionist,” in which an acclaimed traveling magician prepared for his next illusion before royalty with this question. Are some born to power? Is it an inherent right? Is it a mantle of responsibility? Eisenheim drew the crowned prince’s sword and began to share about Excalibur, a sword set in stone that only Camelot’s true, rightful king could remove.

Navajo Generating Station seen from near Glen Canyon Dam.
When driving to Lake Powell, I was first met with three towering smoke stacks from the Navajo Generating Station. This power plant provides electricity to one million homes across Arizona, Nevada, and California. Driving further, I crossed Marble Canyon right next to the Glen Canyon Dam—one of the second largest concrete dams within the United States. Despite the majestic simplicity of this 710’ concrete wall, the canyon rim is tangled with miles of power lines from Glen Canyon Dam’s hydroelectric plant. Electricity is the booming industry of Page. People as far away as Los Angeles to Wyoming turn on their living room lights routinely, but how many question the location or reliability of their power source? 

Beyond here, I turn north to the Lake Powell Resort at Wahweap Bay, where my summer work with ACMNP begins. This is a new location for this ministry, so I feel very privileged to be stationed here for the summer. There are connections and relationships to make, church service times to negotiate and establish, Bible studies to schedule, along with summer studies for my seminary and a new job to learn. In the midst of getting settled down, it seems there’s no stopping as I transition from moving to Lake Powell to starting my summer activities. The pace is decent, so I am avoiding early burnout, but the question of how I am going to accomplish all my goals this summer looms over me. As I pause to consider this, I look out my dorm room window where three towering smoke stacks loom in the distance, and the water of the lake is a constant reminder of the dam four miles away that makes this possible.

Glen Canyon Dam
Even as I am starting at a new location, I am addressing my source of power. Jesus promises abundant life through Him, but do I ever depend more upon my own talents and skills instead of relying upon the gift of the Holy Spirit, God’s Word, and God’s promise to give wisdom to anyone who asks? Do I think power comes from my own ability to make ends meet or trust that God makes all things comes together for good to those who love Him? Or, perhaps more dangerously, am I like someone who uses power correctly but fail to acknowledge where it comes from? Do I remember to thank God for a day in which He gave me strength and guidance for the day? 

As I am starting my summer life here at Lake Powell, I have to pause and reconnect. God’s Word and the Holy Spirit are my source. Prayer is my power line. By keeping my relationship with God strong, I can see His power infilling my every move as I prepare to serve Him this summer.

Tobyn Bower

"The most important thing that I learned this summer was to project the imago dei and to recognize it in others and embrace them for who they are."
– Brett, Princeton Theology Seminary 2011

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