The Right Thing at the Right Time

June 14, 2013 | Cassandra Henderson

It’s funny how things work when you’re operating in faith—the way the particulars of life come together so unexpectedly.  When I got to the South Rim and received my room assignment, I was quickly reminded of the dorm life I thought I’d left behind almost a decade ago in undergrad. Ah, how quickly and easily I had abandoned the distant memories of the many inconveniences that come as a result of communal living.  Sharing what barely meets the needs of one person with a roommate or two.   It was the kind of existence that limited my personal space and times of silence. If I wanted either, I would need to be strategic.  I had to consider a roommate whose sleeping habits probably did not mirror my own (after all, whose does?).  To top it off, within the first few days I was sick—another “perk” of sharing space with others…the free flow of germs.

Fortunately, for me, my roommate was pretty cool.  Her biggest complaint of me was that I was either never around or always asleep so the opportunities for bonding were a bit limited.  While this was the case, inside, I really wanted some time away—time to myself that wasn’t consumed with meeting the demands of a job, the responsibilities of ministry, or packed with people.

If I’m totally honest with myself and with you, I hadn’t put this petition for personal retreat into prayer. It remained as a request in the confines of my heart—something I only thought of, and never spoke of.  Then, out of the blue, I got a text message with the opportunity of a lifetime…a woman and her family were heading out of town for 2 weeks and needed someone who could look after her 10 month old puppy and 2 cats!  God’s timing is so unbelievable, right?  Because of the demands of taking care of the pets, the woman requested I stay at her house for the duration of the 2 weeks.

I was floored…”so let me get this straight,” I thought to myself, “2 weeks of having my own space, and I loved puppies and most furry pets, so this all works out.”  The added perk is that it was closer to work and the employee shuttle came just a block down from where she lived, and it was a short walk to the Recreation Center.  God truly knows what you need, when you need it, and how to make it happen.

The two weeks are coming to a close and there is only this last weekend before the time and space God has given me vanish into a memory, but it’s been good—just what the doctor ordered.  Truly this request went from my heart to God’s ears.  It’s amazing to see just how prayers are answered even before they become actual prayers.  I have cherished this time, the rest—the huge bed all to myself, and the down comforter that’s kept me warm. I’ve enjoyed the patio and convenience of a full kitchen, and the therapeutic nature of having pets even if just temporarily.  It truly is amazing how everything works together and how amazing it is to get just what you need, exactly when you need it.

Cassandra Henderson

"Because [our son's] experience was so wonderful, our daughter will be serving in the Rockies this summer."
– April

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