Sojourning in Sequoia

July 1, 2014 | LaSondra Pryce

I went on a hike alone in the park here needing to pray about feeling inadequate here in the park. I didn’t feel like I was sharing my faith enough or living the correct way. On my hike God told me it is not my job to convict, I was free to be a Christian and he just asks that I love him and my neighbors. I have been loving people on purpose and intently. I have made a lot of friends and have had the opportunity trusted to me by God to talk about faith with some. Some of these conversations have brought tears and hurts up from my coworker’s lives, but all of them have formed a deep connection and a chance for me to love them and to let them love me. I try hard not to put God in a box, but it is said multiple times that God is love. I cannot convict people, change their past, make them quit certain habits, or lots of other things. But I can love them. I can serve them. I can be friends with them. I can be willing. Donald Miller said “I’ve never changed anybody’s mind who I didn’t first love deeply” and Max Lucado said “Love is spelt T-I-M-E”. I can spend time with my new friends here in the park and grow to love them and trust that God knows I am willing. I’m just sojourning here in the park, enjoying the glimpses of heaven I see on Sunday mornings, and trying to love everyone genuinely.

Here’s a poem I believe God whispered to me on my hike alone:
(On this hike I stood face to face with a bear about 15 feet from me, God does know I love adventure!)

Dear Sojourner,

I heard you like adventure.
I made you this way.
I know you like to climb until you reach the sky
Or swim until you remember you need to breathe.
Fear is something you don’t easily feel.
I made you that way on purpose.
I made you that way for today.
Get up and follow me into the life I’ve planned.
I’m going to give you more than you can handle,
Because I like you to rely on me.
You don’t know what to pack, but I’ll provide everyone you need
I’m the God of Moses, I know you’re fond of him
I’m the God of Paul, I know you’ve learned from him
I’m the God of C.S. Lewis, I know you relate to him
I’m the God of you, I know I love you.
Today you’ll feel uncertain,
But be certain I am there.
I am who I am, and I am with you.
Sojourn with love.
Sojourn with peace.
Sojourn with patience.
Sojourn with kindness.
Sojourn with goodness.
Sojourn with thankfulness.
Sojourn with self-control.
I say again Sojourn with love.
I will bring you home soon.
Until then I will always be your affectionate father,



"Leading worship services at the Grand Canyon provided me with an opportunity to preach within a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles."
– Steve, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 2003

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