Rewards as big as Alaska

August 23, 2015 | Meghan Barker

Wrapping up our summer in Glacier Bay, Jerusha and I held our final worship service on Sunday morning. While singing and vocal worship has always been one of my favorite parts of any church service, today’s song selection really spoke to me, and perfectly summed up exactly what I have gotten out of my time here in Glacier Bay. The song, “Called Me Higher” has the lyrics, “You have called me higher, you have called me deeper, and I will go where you will lead me Lord…” This line itself made me really think about where God has led me this summer and what has come from it. The past few weeks have been overflowing with blessings that I haven’t really been able to comprehend. Relationships have grown to new levels, I’ve experienced the beauty of Alaska like non-other, and I have gotten to make memories that will last a lifetime. Basically, the past few weeks have shown me that God is so good.

When I arrived in Alaska, I wasn’t really sure why I was here. I looked back at my journal to see that I noted God’s call was what made me come up here, nothing very specific beyond that. I think it is a pretty big deal to come to this place for three months because of a feeling; little did I know that God had so many plans in store for me- things that I didn’t even think were possibilities. I am so glad that I had the faith to listen to God’s call. Had I not, who knows what I would have missed out on. But listening and singing this song brought it all together for me. Right then, I saw this summer flash before my eyes. I took a big risk in listening to God’s call to come to Alaska for ministry, and with that big leap of faith, I was rewarded big time.

Not only was this a very humbling moment, but it made me super pumped for the future and the adventurous things that I know God will call me to do in the future. Alaska completely exceeded my expectations, and I know that because God is so good, he will reward me in the future for listening to what His will for me is. He may call me to do much more difficult things than spend my summer in Alaska, but this experience just gives me another reason to trust in Him. I know that ACMNP was the way in which I got to this park, and my time here in Glacier Bay makes me even so much more appreciative of the support behind my summer.


"Leading worship services at the Grand Canyon provided me with an opportunity to preach within a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles."
– Steve, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 2003

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