Necessary Mystery

July 10, 2013 | KelLee Warren

Water parted before the bow of the boat, as we sped across the glassy surface, pushing the limits to get as far as we could up lake. We had been given a “break-in” boat, which meant we got to spend the day on the lake without having to pay a penny for it; not a bad deal. I looked around, taking in the beauty of my surroundings. This was my first time out on a power boat since arriving in May, and I couldn't believe what I had been missing out on. Don't get me wrong- the south end of the lake, Wahweap Bay and the dam are beautiful, and still take my breath away every sunrise and sunset. But I could not have begun to imagine the contrast and colors, and endless changing scenery of every mile along the shores of Lake Powell. As I looked around, I noticed the way the rock looked so sharply cut, almost intentionally, it seemed. The colors streaming down the canyon walls could have been painted on purposefully, as they wove together playfully before plunging into the lake. The rock layers stacked on each other alternated between crumbling and solid, in such a way that it mystified me how it all stayed together. I could never grow tired of watching those canyon walls fly past me; always new, different, and beautiful.

The sandstone shores of Lake Powell.
I began to wonder why we found rocks, simple rocks, so amazing? Why people fly from all over the world, from other nations, and spend a considerable amount of money just to stand on the edge of such things as the Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, and to look at, well, rocks. Studying the sandstone rising around me, I tried to imagine how it could have first been formed, and then broken and worn, and finally become what it is today. I couldn't. And that was the beauty of it. The rock, the earth, held so much history long before we started documenting it. It was being and becoming, without any human influence. We are captivated by the mystery of the rocks, the world, and the galaxy; things that we can't fully comprehend. I mean, think of a magic trick that intrigues and amazes you; why? Because you don't know how it happened. But then someone tells you how they did it, and suddenly, you know the secret. It's lost it's mystery, and just doesn't seem quite so amazing anymore.
"Standing here with you, I'm finally free." - Song Away from Home
I love the mystery of the earth, and find myself constantly in awe of the things that I see, and revel in the unknown. Why, I do not know. But there is something in the human nature that is drawn to mystery, and our need to have knowledge is contrasted by our love of a true unknown. I think that's also why we worship. Depending on your view of God, or religion, you might have different ideas of the world and God himself. But no matter what, God is undeniably mysterious. We will never, ever, ever know fully the extent of His dealings, His purposes, and His existence. Trying to comprehend that everything has been created by an uncreated God is enough to make my head hurt. I love discovering and learning about my faith, and used to get frustrated when I didn't understand or couldn't get answers that I wanted.   Now I'm starting to embrace the mystery of my God. I'm finding it's actually what draws me to Him, as the secrets of the rocks holds my gaze. We were designed to be captivated by mystery.

Song Away From Home

Copyright: KelLee Warren

The road before me stretches on,

On and on.

Reminds me of the things that I've done wrong,

Oh, I've been wrong,

Oh so wrong.

I find myself standing on the line,

In my mind.

Between what feels good,

And what feels right.

Oh, what is right,

In this life?

And I sing,

Oh, I sing,

Of the things that I see.

And I sing,

Oh I sing,

Of the things we'll never be.

Oh, what will be?

I bid my goodbyes to my home,

Set off on my own.

Leaving everything that I've ever known,

Traded it for life on the road,

All alone.

The colors of the sun fill my eyes,

Joining the tears that I cry.

As I try to get you off my mind,

You're on my mind,

All the time.

What you need, is not what you think.

Some things, are meant for mystery.

All my life, I've always believed that,

Freedom is a state of mind,

And not a place to be.

But standing here with you,

I'm finally


And we sing,

Oh, we sing,

Of the things that make our hearts beat.

And we sing,

Oh, we sing,

Of the things that make us free.

And we sing,

Oh, we sing,

Of the things we'll someday be,

Oh, what will be?

KelLee Warren

"I'm still not sure of what I want to do with my life professionally; but I know WHO I want to be when I grow up. I have benefited greatly from this hands-on job experience. " -Siri, Yellowstone 2003

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