Last Test of Faith

September 3, 2014 | LaSondra Pryce

This last blog post is something I’ve put off for a while I feel like in a strange way if I don’t post it the summer won’t end and I will wake up in the mountains again. But my mountain of text books and piles of homework are not being shy at reminding me fall semester is in fact here.

The training conference in April feels like it was years ago, I don’t think I’ve ever grown so much in so many ways in such a short period of time like the way I have serving with ACMNP. I remember feeling very frustrated with DNC and their communication skills when it came to hiring me and doubting Amy’s reassurance (which I now realize was silly) that I would in fact have a job. My ministry support contact, Neal Mixter, however told me this would be the first test of faith so I bought plane tickets and figured I’d could camp all summer if need be.

Per usual, when God calls you to do something, and you answer, he provides. My sojourn in the Kings Canyon/Sequoia national park was incredible. I fell in love with the scenery at first glance and with my co-workers shortly after. Because of this summer I grew in understanding why Jesus came from the broken, lost, and hurting. I realized that helping God’s children isn’t just donating money or items in need, its giving time and love. I’ve tithed for years but I have never given my time and heart to an individual. My heart was broken so beautifully listening to my newest friend’s stories, and I was encouraged by how much joy and peace they found in our Lord.

The most amazing thing God allowed me to see this summer was a friend asking me how to pray. This particular friend was an ex-meth addict still trying to break an addiction from cocaine, and I got to teach her about the power of prayer. It was such a humbling experience that I know I will never forget.

Leaving the park was the second time I ever felt like I was leaving my heart somewhere. There is a quote that reads “You will never be truly be at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for knowing and loving people in more than one place.” (unknown) Kings Canyon/ Sequoia national park will always have a piece of my heart. It will remain one of my most treasured and favorite glimpses of heaven for the rest of my earthly life.

Leaving the true beauty of the park, the people who lived there, was the hardest part. I felt like I was abandoning them. Who would answer their questions about the bible? Then I remembered that I serve a God who loves my friends infinitely times more than I do and will never leave them. Like Neal said, my first test of faith was coming to the park with uncertainty, and my last test (while serving for ACMNP) was leaving the park with uncertainty. It’s awesome to serve a God I can trust wholeheartedly.

As the summer ends and new seasons of life begin I think back on my time in the park and see how awesome and beautiful my 3 ½ months were. Thank you for reading my blog and joining my time in Gods creation.   

"Our daughter...worked in Glacier Park with ACMNP for two summers. The experience was life-changing for her."
– Karen and Bruce

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