Jesus is Grace.

July 15, 2013 | Sarah Martin

You would think that living in nature and being here to volunteer with a ministry would make it really easy to keep focused on God. The scenario seems picture perfect, like living in a vacuum where everything is ideal. The second week here I realized it wouldn’t be any easier than back at home. Life is always life, no matter what situation you find yourself in, and there will always be distractions trying to break their way in. I am the perfect example of this. I’ve been consumed by situations back home that are rough. I’ve been consumed by work, by trying to get sleep, by trying to get everything I want to do here done, and by people.  I’ve fallen short in this new environment more than I thought I would. That can be discouraging to read and it is discouraging to live out. Through this though I am learning precious valuable things about the Lord’s character. Today for the first time in a week or so, I sat down to give my morning to God. The moment I came to spend time with Him I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort, which made me feel guilty. How can I feel so at peace with the Lord when I haven’t been coming to him like I need to? How do I get the right to feel this way when I haven’t worked for it at all? The answer hit me right in the face. The Lord’s love is never changing. He loves me the same when I am distant from Him than the day I committed my life to him. The Lord is slow to anger, patient and understanding. The Lord is grace.  So, while I often find myself in a continual state of frustration over my shortcomings, I’m learning that that doesn’t reflect the Lord’s view of me at all. When I’m confused, lost, tired, and failing that Lord is still loving, kind, full of grace, and sovereign. That’s something to be thankful about. 

"The opportunity to minister to persons that I would never encounter in my circle at home was rich."
– Sharon, Perkins School of Theology 2002

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