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May 26, 2014 | Samuel Baggenstos,

Hello from Glen Canyon!  I hope this Memorial Day finds you doing well. What immediately comes to mind are the spectacular views. The burnt orange Navajo surrounds us in towering beauty, contrasting sharply with the mild green of spindly bushes, and the dazzling blue of the lake. The best way to describe it is to think of a mini Grand Canyon with an enormous lake inside.  With ninety-six major canyons, Lake Powell has more shoreline than the coasts of Washington, Oregon, and California combined.

Let me introduce the team.  Ashley, 22, just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise Science from Northwest Christian University.  She enjoys hiking, running, reading, and talking.  Cassidy, 21, next Fall will enter his senior year at John Brown University where he is studying renewable energy engineering. In his spare time he likes to read, play music, and go on road trips. My name is Sam, and I have completed my sophomore year at Corban University where I am studying English. I enjoy reading, hiking, sports, and playing guitar. 

We have quickly learned that the employees here are a diverse group of people. 

First there are the locals—many of which are Navajo Indians—who have lived in the area their entire lives, and for which the lake demands no special attention. One Navajo woman I met has worked at the front desk of the resort for three years, and isn’t sure what exactly she wants to do with her life. She is taking classes right now at the community college, and thinks she might want to be a school teacher.

Second, are the employees close to our age, who are out of state and have come here for a summer job.  Some of them skip from seasonal job to seasonal job, working at a ski resort during the winter and at the lake here during the summer.  The majority of them love to party on their nights off, and almost evening they gather outside the front lawn of employee housing to talk, smoke, and drink.  Ashley especially has gotten to know this crew and went on a kayaking trip with some of them a week or so ago. 

Third, are the international employees, who come to Lake Powell through an exchange program. On the whole they seem to be very excited to learn about American culture. Cassidy, in particular, has gotten to know two Russians named Igor and Anastasia.  Anastasia is a sweet twenty-four-old girl who is working on her master’s degree. Igor, who is eighteen, went to the store with Cassidy and was thrilled to see the large selection of soda and chips at Safeway. He took a picture of the pizza Pringles and sent it to his Russian friends back home.

We have not put on any worship services as of yet. We are taking the first week to get settled, form relationships, and get acclimated to our new jobs. Ashley is a barista at Canyon Coffee in the lodge as well as bartender at one of the pools.  Cassidy is a waiter at the fine dining restaurant, The Rainbow Room. I work at the front desk at the lodge.  All three of us are experiencing a bit of a transition into our jobs, due to the fact that Lake Powell Resort is moving into its busiest time of the year.  The coffee shop, restaurant, and front desk are all bubbling with activity.  

An important thing to note.  The ground is covered with tiny little thorns. They attach themselves to our shoes and we track them into our dorm rooms. They can be an unexpected surprise when we go barefoot in the morning or evening.

That’s it for now.  We are all looking forward to an awesome summer, and we are excited to keep you updated on what God is doing here at Lake Powell!

Sam Baggenstos

"ACMNP provided me with the opportunity to share my faith in the day-to-day struggles of seasonal employment working, living, and sharing a bathroom with people from all over the world. It was a blessing to see how the differences in personality and background within our ministry team allowed us to connect better with different co-workers and guests."
– Alison, Sequoia/Kings Canyon 2009

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