A Twist in the Plot

June 20, 2014 | LaSondra Pryce,

My summer in the Sequoia National Park started with a plot twist when I arrived and was told I would be living in Kings Canyon National Park. These two beautiful parks touch so it wasn’t a HUGE deal, in fact it is a mere 31 mile deal.  I found that I did have cell service, easy access to wi-fi, but to offset that good news I found out that I had no job or a place to lay my head. A place to sleep was scrounged together in a couple of hours and a job was found in a couple of days.

This summer for me in the park is already showing me the strong desire I have to get back to the Garden our sin took us away from years ago. I’m amazed by the beauty around me in the nature and the people. Something the Holy Spirit has been whispering in my ear this whole time: God made me in his image and how when he looks down on the Earth, and for me this park, he is most pleased with his children. Crazy.

I’ve taken the challenge of reading the bible in 90 days and while I go through the Old Testament I see how rare it was to be in the Lords presence, how many rules had to be followed and task completed. It hit me while I was walking home one night after work looking up at the stars how incredibly amazing it is that the presence of the Lord- the Holy Spirit- now rests inside of me. I’ve seen the largest tree in the world, the third largest tree in the world, 5 bears, been to the top of Moro Rock, and felt the mist of an incredible waterfall and yet the Holy Spirit is in me. I don’t think I’ve begun to fathom just how big of a deal that is.

God is capable of holding the whole world in his hands, and while big scales have never been a shock factor for me; when I stand in front of a Sequoia and imagine God holding it with ease in his hand and then think about his spirit resting in me, it gives me the motivation to tell people how big of a deal my God is, and how cool of an opportunity we have to live in his favor. I want people to understand that God owns all of Sequoia/ Kings Canyon National Park and yet he still wants our hearts.

God has been so good to me, and I hope through this journey, that I’m sure will include many more plot twist, you will enjoy reading about how the Spirit of God is moving in the Sequoia/ Kings Canyon National Park, and maybe learn how he is moving in you.

"[ACMNP] strengthened our son's faith."
– April

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