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Who They Are

Ministry Support Committees (MSCs) are the immediate local support to the teams we send to the national parks each year. Committee members live in or near the gateway communities to the parks, either year-round or at least seasonally, and have the opportunity to engage with team members on a regular basis. Some of the ways they show support are:

  • Communicating with our team members before park arrival
  • Greeting them on their first day in the park
  • Attending worship services when possible
  • Cooking meals
  • Mentoring seminarians or other students
  • Organizing gatherings
  • Keeping track of worship statistics
  • Providing transportation
  • Acting as liaisons with the National Office

MSC members include single adults, families, representatives from concession companies, NPS staff, pastors, and members of church congregations.


All MSC candidates must:

  • Thoroughly understand and support the mission of ACMNP
  • Be able to affirm the Apostle’s Creed as a common statement of faith
  • Be willing to cooperate with people from different faiths, backgrounds, and cultures
  • Commit to spending time with ministry teams during their season in the park
  • Attend regular meetings with other members of the local MSC
  • Utilize their unique set of gifts by contributing in such ways as
    • Committee Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Encourager
    • Prayer Warrior
    • Activity Coordinator

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Because our national headquarters are in Denver, Colorado, MSCs are vital to the successful ministry and smooth functioning of our ministry teams across the country. We are always looking for more qualified adults to support teams in the park!

To learn more about a national park near you, please click here. Contact us at (800) 786-3450 or for more information about serving on a Ministry Support Committee.

"Quite possibly, one of my favorite parts of the ACMNP experience was building relationships with our ministry support team."
–Lauren, Rocky Mountain 2011

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