Yellowstone National Park, ID, MT, WY, 2011

What is your favorite memory of the summer?

I remember a man with tears in his eyes coming up to me after a service and giving me a big hug and saying thank you, a small child giving a dollar in the offering plate as his mother was teaching him how to give to God, a woman with tears in her eyes as she struggled with the fact that we were leaving for the summer, a pastor on a sabbatical who came to one of our outside services and how God spoke to him through the powerful Word, our team doing a communion service (with help of the resident minister) and receiving God's grace and mercy into our lives around a campfire at a team retreat we planned, our team singing together as a choir unto the Lord at a themed Christmas in July service, our team laughing together in bison jams and hiking through the forest, and those times when you reach the top of the mountain and look across at the wondrous glory of God and find yourself speechless in His majesty and holiness. This summer was incredible, and I humbly bow myself before God and thank Him for the opportunity to learn and grow in Him and among His people.

What are you most grateful for about your summer in Yellowstone?

I firmly believe God changed my life in a way this summer which could not have happened anywhere or anyway else had it not been for ACMNP. ACMNP was the tool God used to send me a powerful life-changing message which will impact my entire future ministry.

How did you grow this summer?

At the beginning of the summer I felt a strong call toward pastoral leadership, and at the end of the summer this calling has been reaffirmed and strengthened through the experiences I was privileged to share in this summer. It is impossible for me to explain all the growth I experienced this summer in this short amount of space. What I can share is that God taught me a lot about servant leadership, about worshipping in an interdenominational context, and about my own weaknesses and strengths in regards to my spiritual gifts and callings.

"[ACMNP] strengthened our son's faith."
– April

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