Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND, 2011

What surprised you about your summer in Theodore Roosevelt?

I tried not to come into the summer with any expectations. The biggest surprise though was that the national park is not the biggest attraction in the area. The town of Medora, the Medora Musical, and the Bully Pulpit golf course seem to be the biggest draws for tourists, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park seems to just be thrown in almost as an afterthought. Many people come to vacation in the town without ever actually going into the national park.

How will you apply what God has taught you this summer into your life back home?

This may sound strange, but I felt more comfortable being myself here in Medora than I have in quite some time. I felt comfortable being the person I believe God created me to be, and that is something that I hope to take home to California with me at the end of the summer.

What were some instances you encountered God in creation in Theodore Roosevelt?

For the first month or so of the summer, I would climb a butte behind the place I was living on Saturday evenings and prepare for my portion of the Sunday service the following day and pray for our services, Medora, and for the summer. I remember those evenings being big times that I encountered God, and I don't think it would have been the same if I would have stayed in my room. I think leaving my cabin, going into nature, and climbing to the top of the tallest butte in the area played a part in it.

"[ACMNP] strengthened our son's faith."
– April

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