Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park, CA, 2009

How did you get creative with your ministry in Sequoia?

The most effective ideas came from listening to our co-workers and taking an interest in them. One of our co-workers liked to country line dance, so we asked her to teach a whole group of employees to dance. Another co-worker jokingly said he would only come to our Sunday service if there were a play and a potluck. We made it happen and invited all our co-workers to join us. Co-workers like to have campfires, so we provided marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers at a couple fires. Through helping new internationals move in, I was able to discover they were my sisters in Christ. We learned together how God's truth and love transcends cultural differences. The most significant moments from my summer at the park were not from planned formal events; rather they came from being open to opportunities and loving our neighbors.

How did ACMNP impact your life?

ACMNP provided me with an amazing and challenging summer experience. Through ACMNP I was able to travel across the country, and spend an entire summer in the beauty and grandeur of God's creation. ACMNP provided me with an opportunity to learn a lot about myself. I learned the value of alone time and the struggle of finding a way to be filled with God's truth and love while pouring both out to the people around me. It also provided me with the opportunity to share my faith in the day-to-day struggles of seasonal employment working, living, and sharing a bathroom with people from all over the world. I learned the value of formal ministry, while realizing my heart and gift for relational ministry.

"The opportunity to minister to persons that I would never encounter in my circle at home was rich."
– Sharon, Perkins School of Theology 2002

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