Lauren Minor

North Cascades National Park, WA, 2013

Describe some specific times this summer where you encountered God in creation.

The North Cascades are unlike any other mountain range, the kind of beautiful that screams dangerous. In August we peaked McGregor Mountain with one of our dear friends that is a native of Stehekin. We reached the top and everything was quiet. Behind us were mountain peaks speckled with glaciers and to our front was the green Lake Chelan. From that 8000 ft peak down to the 1000 ft valley we yelled what we yell on every mountain, “we love you too”! God could have put us on a dry and dusty empty planet, but he has revealed his character through creation. He is might and powerful, creative and detailed, and for people like me, he uses these places to reveal who he is; this puts life back into perspective.  On our last hike, we climbed thousands of feet to get to the top of a pass that was supposed to have the most spectacular of all views. Within ten minutes, fogged rolled over the entire area. Lindsey and I sat down and looked around. We couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces. We both decided we should have felt disappointed, but we didn’t. Anymore for us, it’s less about the sense of accomplishment or the view, and more about the time we get to spend with others in the outdoors talking about life and grasping the concept that the greatest of all God’s creations is his plan to save humanity. And that day as we hiked back 7 hours in the pouring down mountain rain, we’ve never felt so blessed to be called Children of the King.

Describe some of your relational ministry efforts.

Many of the people there have incredibly fascinating life stories and in them asking how we landed in Stehekin from Pennsylvania was a perfect opportunity to share about the mission we are on to spread Jesus’ truth in the parks. One of our favorite ways to carry out relational ministry was to make early morning trips to the bakery. As a team, we would do devotions together and then spend time visiting with all those who come into the bakery, locals and visitors alike. The bibles on the table almost always sparked conversations and gave us an open door to share about our redeemer and friend. We also carried out relational ministry with smoothie nights, bike rides, taking hikes with friends, hanging out on the dock with fellow co-workers in the evenings, setting up the slack line, and fishing on the lake.

Tell us a little bit about your work environment.

It is a very tight-knit work environment at the lodge and our relationship with fellow employees was established by sacrificing selfish desires. We strived to work as hard as we could and lay down our pride to make the burdens on others who were overworked a little lighter from day to day. I had great conversations with one of my co-workers at the desk who had been a Christian for many years, but has drifted away from the “organized church.” We discovered that we have encountered many of the same big questions pertaining to God, especially making one’s relationship with the savior real and active. I feel as if our interactions brought him hope, that faithfulness and closeness to God do not come without encountering periods of doubt.

"Because [our son's] experience was so wonderful, our daughter will be serving in the Rockies this summer."
– April

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