Mount Rushmore National Memorial, SD, 2007

What were some challenges you faced at Rushmore and how did you deal with them?

As a ministry team, we faced a number of challenges including reconciling different approaches to ministry, dealing with personality quirks and leadership styles, and managing time and organization issues. However, God blessed our individual ministry by allowing each one of us to connect genuinely with co-workers to give of ourselves and serve as Christ-like examples daily. Indeed, building close friendships and offering of ourselves for conversation, advice, or a ride into town was in many ways the largest part of our team's ministry to the employees at Mt. Rushmore.

God brought together three very different people from very different backgrounds and caused us to find commonality in the love of Christ and a desire to do His work. The summer was filled with frustrations and challenges, but we also shared the joy of seeing glimpses of what God accomplished when we trusted and loved in Christ.

What advice can you give to future teams in Rushmore?

Be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to coordinate work schedules to make planning and organization for the services easier. Start planning employee activities (Bible studies, etc.) early and stick to them. Many workers at Rushmore get second jobs during the course of the summer, making it a challenge to coordinate large group activities.

"Leading worship services at the Grand Canyon provided me with an opportunity to preach within a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles."
– Steve, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 2003

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