Mesa Verde National Park, CO, 2005

What was your favorite thing about your summer in Mesa Verde?

The great part of working in this environment is that I learned a lot about the Navajo culture and tradition. There's fry bread, pow-wows, revivals, and history that is all around us in this area!

Describe your multicultural experience at Mesa Verde.

Yep, there are definitely international exchange people working on the mesa. [My summer there were] three Russians and a Japanese guy altogether. It was awesome to get to know these people, learn about their countries, and spend hours trying to pronounce Russian and Japanese words and phrases.

How did you deal with challenges during your summer?

God is huge and is in charge of everything, one way or another. Whether it's learning patience on the job, enjoying Sunday services, or being challenged by dorm life on the mesa. There were plenty of times when I wondered what God was up to, but I had to know that there were good reasons and that all I could do was love Him and accept the love and grace that are always there for us. Hang in there. See joy in the smallest things. Know that each breath is valuable. Every day is an opportunity to display the love that God has blown you away with. Turn around and shock people with what God can do. I can't say this is the attitude that I've had every second of each day. But I know I'd never come back to these ideas if God didn't hear my prayers and throw something out there to sustain me.

"Because [our son's] experience was so wonderful, our daughter will be serving in the Rockies this summer."
– April

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