Glacier National Park, MT, 2011

What about your summer in Glacier surprised you the most?

I had expected to be reading the scriptures and learning, however I did not expect to find the passion and desire to really pursue a life of ministry. The Lord provided so much more abundantly than I ever expected with the people I interacted with and my own spiritual growth. I cannot even explain the ways the Lord works, but I know they are good.

How did you sense God in creation this summer?

One of my favorite times was looking out beyond our amphitheater across a crystal blue lake with snow capped peaks in the background on Sunday mornings as our jaws dropped in awe of God's magnificent creation. Then feeling the joy as we turned around and proclaimed the Gospel with the undeniable divine power of God behind us.

What advice can you give next year's team members in your park location?

All I can say is know the weight of what you are doing. The Lord has blessed you with an opportunity to be on the front lines of His ministry. Understanding the awesomeness of being able to worship a God whom we are not even worthy to be worshipping, much less leading a worship service and orchestrating times for His praise is a super incredible thing wrapped up in grace. Glacier National Park in an incredible place to encounter God and I hope that future ACMNP'ers can share in what is now a special place in my heart.

"The most important thing that I learned this summer was to project the imago dei and to recognize it in others and embrace them for who they are."
– Brett, Princeton Theology Seminary 2011

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