Denali National Park & Preserve, AK, 2011

How did you grow this summer?

This summer I displayed boldness that I didn't know I had. Boldness in humbling myself and telling the truth when I was wrong, or had done wrong, or even in sharing my faith/opinions without second guessing myself.

Describe some specific times this summer where you encountered God in creation.

During one of my first times going into the park, I took a shuttle to a vista point about 13 miles in. I was just walking around enjoying the tundra until I looked up and saw Mount McKinley. Being only 13 miles in gives you a very slim chance of seeing the mountain, so I was lucky that day and was able to see it for a few minutes without clouds surrounding it. Or watching the colors change, beautiful sunsets behind the mountains, watching the northern lights....God is a fine Creator.

How will you apply what God has taught you this summer into your life back home?

Because God has shown me how bold/confident I can be, I need to take that back home and not draw back to my comforts especially if/when they are keeping me from sharing about Jesus.

"This summer allowed me to see the purpose as to why I study at seminary. I know of no other ministry that allows you to work full-time while you lead a team and practice running Sunday services each week. I grew a ton this summer!"
– Nick, Dallas Theological Seminary 2007

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