Custer State Park, SD, 2010 and 2011

What about your summer in Custer surprised you?

Upon coming into South Dakota you are hit with the realization that you are in a remote place. The airport has only four or five buildings that surround it and is very remote.

What were some of your favorite things about the summer?

I enjoyed being a part of so many lives on a deep level. This summer I had the opportunity to mentor a young man with a troubled past who was an employee from the park. Most of my time was spent digging out the resentment of his heart and allowing God's healing to close up his wounds. I also took time to lead a bible study every week, alternating amongst those who came to offer opportunities for leadership. I had one server who felt like she was given purpose from our weekly meetings. Finally, I built up a solid relationship of trust and care for an older gentleman in the community who felt isolated and alone. I saw great healing in the Spirit as well as change in the attitudes of others as I experienced God using me as a ministry of presence amongst his people.

What did you learn this summer and how will that affect your life in the future?

This summer God grew my abilities. He demonstrated His power through me by allowing my sermons and services to bless those around me. I felt the confidence and love of His presence urging me onward. Both the services and my preaching grew more accurate, precise, and comforting. I have been truly made alive in Christ through His work to thaw human hearts in and around me to His Word.

"ACMNP provided me with the opportunity to share my faith in the day-to-day struggles of seasonal employment working, living, and sharing a bathroom with people from all over the world. It was a blessing to see how the differences in personality and background within our ministry team allowed us to connect better with different co-workers and guests."
– Alison, Sequoia/Kings Canyon 2009

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