Bryce Canyon National Park, UT, 2011

Explain some specific incidents where you saw God at work in your life this summer.

I saw God work by expanding the ministry. We saw a few co-workers that did not believe come to our service. Later they came up and said, "I wish I could have gone to more". That was worth the whole experience.

What did you learn this summer and how will that affect your life in the future?

God taught me to be a better steward of my planet through the book [ACMNP] sent us, Serve God; Save the Planet. After spending a summer recycling at the park, I saw the impact it has on our planet.

What advice can you give to future teams members in Bryce Canyon?

Good luck! Stick with each other and encourage each other because there will be times when you get spiritually drained. Community is really important!

"Leading worship services at the Grand Canyon provided me with an opportunity to preach within a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles."
– Steve, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School 2003

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