Olympic National Park, WA

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks Involvement

What We Do

ACMNP in Olympic provides:

  • Christian fellowship activities for visitors, residents, and employees
  • Leadership development for ministry team members and seminarians
  • Positive relationships among seasonal co-workers and internationals
  • Pastoral care during emergencies

Interdenominational Services of Worship

Ministry teams lead interdenominational services of worship on Sundays, pending National Park Service permit approval.

  • Kalaloch Campground Amphitheater: 6:15 PM
  • Lake Crescent fire ring circle: 9:00 AM
  • Sol Duc Hot Springs Campground Amphitheater: 9:00 AM  

Ministry Team Member Information

Our teams in Olympic typically serve at several locations: 2-3 team members at Lake Crescent, 2-3 team members at Sol Duc Hot Springs, and 2-3 team members at Kalaloch. Locations are approximately 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours away from one another.

  • Summer only
  • Mentor available for seminarians
  • Catholic mass not available

Employment Information

Ministry team members seek employment from Aramark at Lake Crescent Lodge, Sol Duc Hot Springs, or Kalaloch Lodge, depending upon ministry assignment offered.


  • Preferred availability of late May through early September
  • Working through October is ideal

Employee housing:

  • Dorm-style with shared bath
  • Married housing available (Kalaloch and Lake Crescent only)

Typical Jobs:

  • Retail at gift shops
  • Restaurant/food service
  • Front desk/bellhop
  • Housekeeping


  • Bringing a car is necessary in Olympic for most team members.

* If you are interested in serving in Olympic as a ministry team member, you must first apply with ACMNP. To learn more about working and living in Olympic (including employee housing costs), please visit

How YOU can get involved with ACMNP in Olympic

Information About The Park

A day in Olympic is like visiting three national parks in one, due to its vastly different ecosystems: ocean beach, alpine mountains, and ancient rainforests. Whether you’re intrigued by tide pools, sea stacks, and stunning rocky shoreline; snowy mountain ranges and wildflowers; or magical, temperate forests shrouded in every shade of green – there is plenty to explore and discover in the nearly one million acres of Olympic National Park! Popular activities to do include hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, beach walking, and sea kayaking.

Popular Destinations

  • Hurricane Ridge
  • Deer Park
  • Hoh Rain Forest
  • Lake Quinault
  • Rialto Beach
  • La Push


The ocean, forest, and mountain landscapes of Olympic ensure a rich variety of wildlife that you’ll find in few other national parks. Offshore you’ll find whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals, and sea otters. Within the mountains and forests roam bears, elk, cougars, and deer. Even the waters teem with Pacific salmon!

Outside Resources

To learn more about travelling to Olympic, what the weather is like, park activities, or planning your trip, please visit

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Ministry Team Experience

Olympic National Park, WA, 2011

A big way I grew this summer was by being on my own away from both my home and my school.Read More

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"I have become more confident sharing my faith and discussing Christianity with believers and non-believers alike. Overall this has been a life changing and formative experience for me."
– Kristin, Kalaloch 2005