North Cascades National Park, WA

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks Involvement

What We Do

ACMNP in North Cascades provides:

  • Christian fellowship activities for visitors, residents, and employees
  • Leadership development for ministry team members and seminarians
  • Positive relationships among seasonal co-workers and internationals
  • Pastoral care during emergencies

Interdenominational Services of Worship

Ministry teams lead interdenominational services of worship on Sundays, pending National Park Service permit and concessionaire approval

  • North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin Kayak Cabana: Saturdays  6:00 PM

Ministry Team Member Information

Our North Cascades team is typically comprised of 2 individuals who both serve in the same park location. 

  • Summer only
  • Mentor not available for seminarians
  • Catholic mass not available

Employment Information 

Ministry team members seek employment at the North Cascades Lodge in Stehekin, WA.


  • Preferred availability of early-June through late-August

Employee housing:

  • Shared cabin-style housing
  • Married housing is available

Typical Jobs:

  • Restaurant/food service
  • Front desk/Retail
  • Housekeeping


  • A vehicle is not necessary at this location as it is extremely remote, and only accessible by boat or by plane.

* If you are interested in serving in Glen Canyon as a Ministry Team Member, you must first apply with ACMNP.  To learn more about working and living in North Cascades National Park (including employee housing costs), please visit

How YOU can get involved with ACMNP in North Cascades National Park 

Information About The Park

Stehekin is a remote mountain community that is nestled in a valley at the far end of Lake Chelan. Stehekin, meaning “the way through” to the cascades, can only be accessed by ferry, foot, or sea plane. The 11 mile road in the valley stretches north to the south entrance of North Cascades National Park, the gateway to over 300 glaciers and the most jagged peaks in the Pacific Northwest. With no cell reception, and limited internet use, Stehekin operates out of “what America used to be”. Whether one stays in the valley or ventures to the rugged peaks, this peaceful gem in the mountains will not disappoint in its majestic design and beautiful people. 

Popular Destinations

  • McGregor Mountain
  • Rainbow Falls
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Hidden Meadows
  • Cascade Pass
  • Buelers Bluff
  • Horseshoe Basin


The rugged and remote terrain of the North Cascades attracts the wildest of wildlife. Here you can expect to see American black bear, pica, marmot, elk, white tailed deer, mountain goats, and Kockenee salmon.

Outside Resources

To learn more about travelling to North Cascades National Park, what the weather is like, park activities, or planning your trip, please visit

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Experience the beauty of North Cascades National Park, WA.

Ministry Team Experience

Lauren Minor
North Cascades National Park, WA, 2013

The North Cascades are unlike any other mountain range, the kind of beautiful that screams dangerous. Read More

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“Stehekin is incredibly beautiful—one of the closest places to Eden I could ever imagine (and I’ve been to many places).” –Joshua, North Cascades 1994