Badlands National Park, SD

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks Involvement

What We Do

ACMNP in Badlands provides:

  • Christian fellowship activities for visitors, residents, and employees
  • Leadership development for ministry team members and seminarians
  • Positive relationships among seasonal co-workers and internationals
  • Pastoral care during emergencies

Interdenominational Services of Worship

Ministry teams lead interdenominational services of worship on Sundays, pending National Park Service permit approval.

  • Cedar Pass Campground Amphitheater: 8:30 AM

Ministry Team Member Information

Our summer team in Badlands is typically 4-5 ministry team members, all of whom serve in the same park location.

  • Summer only
  • Mentors not available for seminarians
  • Catholic mass in Rapid City (1.5 hours away) for interested team members

Employment Information

Ministry team members seek employment from Forever Resorts at the Cedar Pass Lodge.


  • Preferred availability of May/June until late August
  • Working through September is ideal

Typical Jobs:

  • Front desk agent
  • Campground assistant
  • Retail at gift shops
  • Restaurant/food service
  • Guest service attendant

Employee housing:

  • Married housing available
  • Small cabin with roommates
  • Single hotel room


  • Bringing a car, and/or a bike, is highly encouraged!

* If you are interested in serving in Badlands as a ministry team member, you must first apply with ACMNP. To learn more about working and living in Badlands (including employee housing costs), please visit http://www.cedarpasslodge.com/employment.

How YOU can get involved with ACMNP in Badlands National Park

Information About The Park

Badlands National Park lies just east of well known attractions such as Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, and Custer State Park in Interior, South Dakota. The Lakota people recognized this as a land of extremes and referred to it as "mako sica" which translates into "land bad". The term badlands has changed over the years and now has a more geologic definition referring to when soft sedimentary rock is eroded in a dry climate. You can see incredible features through the parks gullies, ridges, sharp spires, and other unique topography across the park.

Don't forget to catch a sunset at Pinnacles Overlook or Conata Basin while you are there!

Popular Destinations

  • Pinnacles Overlook
  • Notch Trail
  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse Memorial
  • Wall Drug Store
  • Custer State Park
  • Wind Cave National Park


In Badlands National Park, you will be able to find bison, prairie dogs, bighorn sheep, and other animals!

Outside Resources

To learn more about traveling to Badlands, what the weather is like, park activities, or planning your trip, please visit www.nps.gov/badl.

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Experience the beauty of Badlands National Park, SD.

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