Acadia National Park, ME

A Christian Ministry in the National Parks Involvement

What We Do

ACMNP in Acadia provides:

  • Christian fellowship activities for visitors, residents, and employees
  • Leadership development for ministry team members and seminarians
  • Positive relationships among seasonal co-workers and internationals
  • Pastoral care during emergencies

Interdenominational Services of Worship

Ministry teams lead interdenominational services of worship on Sundays, pending National Park Service permit approval.

  • Blackwoods Campground: 8:00 AM
  • Seawall Campground: 10:00 AM
  • Cadillac Mountain (Bluehill Overlook): ½ hour before sunset

Ministry Team Member Information

Our summer team in Acadia is typically 5-6 ministry team members, all of whom serve in the same park location.

  • Summer only
  • Mentors available for seminarians
  • Catholic mass nearby for interested team members

Employment Information

Ministry team members seek employment from the Acadia Corporation, either at Jordan Pond House within the park or in nearby Bar Harbor’s gift shops and restaurants.


  • Preferred availability of May/June until Labor Day
  • Working through September or October is ideal

Typical Jobs:

  • Retail at gift shops
  • Restaurant/food service
  • Guest service attendant

Employee housing:

  • Dorm-style with shared bath at Jordan Pond House
  • Suite-style in Bar Harbor
  • No married housing


  • Bringing a car, and/or a bike, is highly encouraged!

* If you are interested in serving in Acadia as a ministry team member, you must first apply with ACMNP. To learn more about working and living in Acadia (including employee housing costs), please visit

How YOU can get involved with ACMNP in Acadia National Park

Information About The Park

Acadia, located on Mt. Desert Island and the Schoodic Peninsula in northeast coastal Maine, is known for a wide variety of uniquely beautiful New England landscapes and ecosystems, rather than one particular land feature. Don’t let its relatively small size fool you! Throughout Acadia’s 45,000 acres, you’ll find stunning scenery of lakes and streams, ocean, mountains, hills, beaches, wetlands, forests, meadows, harbors, and peninsulas.

Biking, hiking, sea and lake kayaking, canoeing, whale watching, both fresh water and salt water swimming, and climbing are all popular activities to do here. Backcountry camping and backpacking are not permitted, so each hiking trail (and there are 125 miles to explore, many with exciting steep cliff scrambles!) can be completed within a day. Acadia’s historic carriage roads are bicycle accessible, taking you to destinations like secluded lakes, ponds, cobblestone bridges, and wild blueberry patches.

Popular Destinations

  • Bar Harbor and the surrounding quaint seaside towns
  • Thunder Hole
  • Sand Beach
  • Cadillac Mountain, highest point on the US Atlantic coast
  • 45 miles of historic carriage roads
  • Otter Cliff and Great Head sea cliff climbing


Acadia’s surrounding lakes, ocean, sky, and land teem with diverse wildlife, like amphibians, trout, puffins, whales, seals, and even occasionally bears and moose. Acadia is also one the best places for bird-watching in the entire country. There are 338 recorded bird species, including peregrine falcons, raptors, herons, bald eagles, and twenty three species of warblers.

Outside Resources

To learn more about travelling to Acadia, what the weather is like, park activities, or planning your trip, please visit

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Ministry Team Experience

Acadia National Park, ME, 2011

Getting off the plane in Bangor and walking around the moose-plastered airport, I knew I was far from my city upbringing near Los Angeles.Read More

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"Get out there and get to know the people!"
– Lee, Acadia 2010