National Office Staff

Amy Kennedy – Co-Executive Director (Placement & Communications)

Amy caught a glimpse of what ACMNP could be her summer in Olympic National Park in 2006, and knew that others needed to step into this opportunity, not only to grow themselves, but also to experience the world in a bigger way. After graduating from Northwest Nazarene University, Amy returned to the ministry as a national recruiter in 2009, followed by a season in Glacier National Park and then six months in the U.S. Virgin Islands. With a degree in communications with social work and business, prior volunteer management experience, and her love for the outdoors, this position was a perfect fit. She will earn her Master's in Nonprofit Management May 2018, and enjoys living life to it's fullest extent every single day. Amy is responsible for reviewing applications, offering placements, as well as growing and maintaining positive relationships with park concessionaires, their human resource departments, and the National Park Service. For placement-specific questions about the parks, or if you would like to have a team at your national park property, please contact Amy at akennedy@acmnp.com.


Rev. David Degler – Co-Executive Director (Program & Leadership)

As the Director of Program & Leadership, David coordinates and oversees all components of our ministry program in the parks.  ACMNP training and ministry programs are designed to ensure that ACMNP team members provide impactful ministry in the parks while developing leadership qualities and skills for future service in the church and world.  Originally from the mid-west, David holds a Bachelor of Religious Education degree from Great Lakes Christian College and a Master of Divinity degree from Emmanuel Christian Seminary.  In 35 years of ministry, he has served as pastor with a mega-church in Indianapolis and a local Denver church, led over 20 cross-cultural mission trips, was a campus pastor at East Tennessee State University, and started Campus Christian Fellowship at Appalachian State University.  He enjoys bow hunting for elk, skiing, camping, writing, reading, and exploring the Colorado wilderness with his horse, Jade.  David and his wife, Dawn, have two grown sons.   Jonathan and daughter-in-law, Amanda, have two children named Olive and Desmond.  Alex served as an airborne medic in the Army and is married to Kana.  For program questions, including interest in joining a Ministry Support Committee, contact David at ddegler@acmnp.com

Elizabeth Baur – Administrator

Elizabeth graduated from Wheaton College, worked as a Volunteer Coordinator, and has a Certificate in Discipleship from the University of the Nations. She and her husband, Andrew, spent a winter season serving with an ACMNP team in Big Bend National Park, followed by a summer season working in Denali State Park, but not serving with the ministry. Experiencing seasons both with and without an ACMNP presence in the parks further convinced Elizabeth of the great need the parks have for a ministry presence just like ACMNP. She has always enjoyed working behind the scenes, and is excited to be able to support all aspects of ACMNP's ministry as it continues to grow. If you have any general questions or would like to be in touch with Elizabeth, she can be reached at admin@acmnp.com.

Carrie Bruns – Placement and Recruiting Assistant

Carrie began her stint with ACMNP in 2016 thinking that a summer in the Grand Tetons would be her last “fun” job. Graduating from Grace College in 2012, Carrie worked for a local nonprofit food and clothing ministry before moving to Texas to work with troubled teens. After a childhood of complaining about the outdoors, working with troubled teens drove her to reconnect with nature and explore state parks in TX. After spending 6 months with ACMNP in the Grand Tetons, Carrie joined the National Office Staff in 2016 as a recruiter where she grew to love connecting with interested students as well as reminding alumni that their story and experience in the park matters. After spending a second summer in GTNP, Carrie returned to the office as a Distance Recruiting Coordinator and then moved into the role of our Placement and Recruiting Assistant. If you love parks, seahorses, couponing, hiking, people’s stories, coffee shop settings, collecting postcards, or living simply, connect with Carrie at cbruns@acmnp.com.

"[ACMNP] develops future Christian leaders."
– The Rev. Jeff Walther