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Friday, January 16, 2015
A Christian Ministry in the National Parks (ACMNP)
90 Day Devotional Guide
The goal of this project is to create a God-honoring, personally inspiring, well-written, and durable 90
day devotional guide to serve as a source of encouragement and spiritual formation for those
participating in ACMNP’s ministry programs.  This publication will be distributed to Ministry Team
members, Ministry Support Committees, National Advisory Council, Board of Directors, financial
supporters and the national office staff.  ACMNP may use the booklet as a gift in fundraising appeals
and/or sell the guide to a broader audience with all proceeds supporting ACMNP.
Dave Degler, Director of Program and Leadership, will serve as the editor.  Send your electronic
submissions to or mail to:  9185 E. Kenyon Ave, Suite 230, Denver, CO  80237 by

Tuesday, March 31.  

1. Your submission(s) must be original to you.  Your writing may be edited for length or clarity.  If so,
you will have the opportunity to approve the final version. The act of submitting your devotion
means that you are granting “All Rights” of the submission to ACMNP, though you will be given a
byline.  You may submit as many devotions as you would like, but ACMNP may limit the number of
entries in the final volume by any one author.  Your submissions may not be included in the final
draft of the devotional guide.  Even so, ACMNP will retain “All Rights” to your written devotion(s)
which may be published at a later date.  You will always be given credit for your contribution.   
2. Your submission should include:
a. Brief biographical information including:  your name, the nature of your connection to ACMNP
(alum, worship attender, MSC), your current profession, and hometown.
b. Location(s) and year(s) of service if you are one of our 11,000 alumni (ex.  Yellowstone, 2009).
c. Title for your devotion.
d. Scripture reading with Bible version identified.
e. Suggest a Prayer Focus based on your devotional thought or offer a written prayer.
f. One or two practical action steps based on the main idea of your devotion.
g. If used, give proper reference to extra-Biblical sources including author and title of article.
3. Guidelines
a. Your primary audience will be the men and women who are living, working and serving in a
challenging and intense environment through the ministry of ACMNP.  How can your devotion
help them be successful in God’s immediate calling on their life and ministry?
b. No more than 250 words, please.  Strive to be concise, focused, and clear.
c. Develop one easily remembered idea/concept for your devotional thought.
d. Your main thesis or idea should be connected to Scripture, Old or New Testaments.
e. Make your devotion supportive of a national park experience and/or the mission of ACMNP to,
“embody and extend the ministry of Jesus Christ through worship, witness and the development
of Christian leaders.”  You are encouraged to consider the following values and topics that are
important to ACMNP.  This list is not exhaustive!
i. Loving God
ii. Following Jesus Christ
iii. Holy Spirit
iv. Prayer
v. Loving ALL People
vi. Love, forgiveness, grace, mercy
vii. Creation
viii. Creation care
ix. Stewardship
x. Inspiration
xi. Worship
xii. Witness
xiii. Development of Christian leaders
xiv. Christian community
xv. Struggle
xvi. Perseverance, determination, commitment
xvii. Joy
xviii. Patience 


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