A Reflection on the Training Conference

Monday, May 18, 2015

ACMNP Training Conference

I arrived as a stranger, and I left as a friend. I was so humbled to meet together with brothers and sisters from around the country to train for an amazing summer. Hearing team members’ stories of how God has called them to partner with ACMNP was truly inspiring. I was reminded of the uniqueness of the body of Christ working together as one unit. The training conference encouraged me to reflect on my own story of how God has called me to work in Glacier National Park this summer.  

Working in a national park was definitely not a part of my original plans for the summer. I was set on doing a teaching practicum in China and had already accepted the invitation. Plans suddenly changed, however, when I realized my practicum had to wait till next summer to meet certain requirements. With the summer now wide open, I thought why not grab a brochure from the random guy talking about ACMNP in the Dining Commons. Little did I know! I applied, because I love hiking and romping around in the great outdoors. I don’t think I was fully aware of everything this summer would bring. Once I started researching, I discovered that this ministry incorporated everything I love: relational ministry, nature, and worship!

Although I applied last minute to ACMNP, my summer in Glacier National Park was anything but last minute planning with God’s providence. God knew I would have to do my practicum next summer, God knew that a representative from ACMNP would be at Taylor University, and God knew that I would accept this incredible opportunity. He even knew that this summer would prepare me to be a Discipleship Assistant next fall at Taylor University. Sure, this process has taken an incredible amount of faith and trust in God’s plans, but it is 100% worth it. The training conference has confirmed my desire and purpose in spending the summer in Glacier National Park.

I am honored to be a part of the 220 plus students trekking out to parks all over the country. I loved meeting new faces and training with people who have become connected over three short days in the common love of Jesus. Although many of us will never see each other again, I am encouraged knowing that these selfless friends will be striving towards the same goal, making everyday meaningful connections with everyone we meet in Jesus’ name. I am grateful for the meaningful connections I have already encountered with the small family of team members meeting in the Women’s Cabin. We are no strangers now.

Katie Vogel

Glacier National Park
Many Glacier -- 2015


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"ACMNP provided me with the opportunity to share my faith in the day-to-day struggles of seasonal employment working, living, and sharing a bathroom with people from all over the world. It was a blessing to see how the differences in personality and background within our ministry team allowed us to connect better with different co-workers and guests."
– Alison, Sequoia/Kings Canyon 2009

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